Research projects

Active Projects

EU H2020, Natural Intelligence for Robotic Monitoring of Habitat, €250,000 for KU, €3,053,429 for consortium (2021-2024).

Past Projects

National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP): Robotic end-effector system for fully flush fasteners, £90,000 for KU, £300,000 for consortium (2020-2022).

5GRIT, 5G Rural Integrated Testbed, Innovate UK project, £180,000 for KU, £2.1m for consortium, 2018-2020.

NATO MIDAS, Control of a team of mini-UAVs to support counter-terrorism missions, €54,563 for KU, €270,000 for consortium, 2018-2020.

NATO WITNESS, Wide Integration of sensor Networks for enable Smart Surveillance, 2018-2020, €78,000 for KU, €306,500 for consortium, 2018-2020.

MONICA, Management of Networked IoT Wearables – Very Large Scale Demonstration of Cultural Societal Applications (MONICA), H2020-IOT-2016, €15m for the whole consortium, €908,000 for KU, duration 36 months (2017-2020).

Knowledge Transfer Partnership with VCA technology ltd., Embedded Deep Learning for Video Security, £133,866 (2017-2019)

PROACTIVE, Predictive Reasoning and Multi-Sensor Fusion Empowering Anticipation of Attacks and Terrorist Actions in Urban Environments (PROACTIVE), EU FP7 Capability project, SEC-2011.1.2.1 – Strategy for countering a terrorist attack in an urban environment, €837,400 for consortium and €319,369 for Kingston University, duration 36 months (2012).

BREATHE (AAL call 5, 2013-2015)  Platform for self-assessment and efficient management for informal caregivers, EU Ambient Assisted Living call 5, €1,252,449, for the whole consortium, €286,822 for Kingston University, duration 30 months (2013).

CARING4U, A Study on People Activity in Private Spaces: towards a multisensory network that meets privacy requirements, Caring4U, An EU FP7 grant under the People Marie Curie Inter- European Fellowship (IEF) programme, €280,000, Duration 24 months (2011).

Smart Monitoring of Complex Public scenes: Collaboration between human guards, Security network and robotic platforms, US Department of Homeland Security, University Research in Homeland Security Science, a consortium led by the University of Nevada, with Kingston University, Sapienza University of Rome and University of Ulster, Jordanstown, Total amount for the consortium US$561,135, amount for Kingston University US$121,000, Duration 24 months (2011).

Morphometric Herbarium Image Data Analysis (MORPHIDAS). The Leverhulme Trust, Research Project Grant with University of Surrey, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, P. Remagnino and S A Barman, Total Value £183,000, to KU £53,250, Duration 36 months (2009) 
“Image Processing and Mathematical Modelling of Plant Leaf Form and Development”, EPSRC, Discipline Hopping Award, EP/G031800/1, P. Remagnino, Value £36,610, Duration 9 months (2009).